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The key to keeping your system running optimally to reduce your monthly energy costs is regular maintenance. During our HVAC maintenance appointments, we not only clean your system and reduce things like wear and tear but also seek to increase its energy efficiency.

Preventative care is always less expensive than fixing something after it breaks, which is why our maintenance program makes the best cents for your budget.

Be Ready for the Cold Winter Months as well as the Hot Summer Ones!

Our Maintenance Program was designed to make sure that your house is ready for the cold, winter months, as well as the long, hot summer ones. At 1st Choice A/C, Heating, Plumbing & Gas, our mission is to extend the life of your system, while also working to reduce your monthly heating and cooling bills. If we spot signs of trouble, we can make quick repairs to head up any problems.

Or, if we notice that your system might be working too hard, we can help evaluate whether replacing your current HVAC will end up saving you money long-term.

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