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Maintenance is essential to reduce the need for an unnecessary air conditioning repair call. Although it is easy to get caught up in your busy schedule, allowing your regular maintenance to fall by the wayside is a big mistake. It is always better to be proactive when it comes to your air conditioning than to pay for an expensive repair. At 1st Choice, our maintenance specialists will ensure that your air conditioner is running in top condition.

Maintenance You Can Trust

Regular maintenance differs from one make and model to the next. The key is having the experience to know the manufacturer's specifications for maintenance and sticking to them. At 1st Choice, we deal with all major brands and have the industry knowledge to ensure that we are taking all the steps necessary to reduce things like wear and tear and that your air conditioning has the highest energy efficiency possible.

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Spending Dollars to Save Pennies

A lot of homeowners go by the motto that if it isn’t broken there is no need to fix it, but our experience tells us is that it is much cheaper and easier to have regular maintenance performed to keep things running optimally than waiting for a breakdown - and not only have to pay for a service repair call, but usually one with an emergency charge. When you have our technicians checking your systems regularly, you can save a whole lot - not just in energy savings, but also in repair costs and the misery of waiting for your air conditioning to be repaired.

Trusted A/C Maintenance

Not all manufacturers and brands have the same maintenance schedule or requirements. We ensure that we follow your air conditioning's specific schedule, do the point checks to make sure it is running in top condition, and put it to the test to see if there are any potential issues coming. We also won’t perform any work unless you are aware of it and it is in writing - we don’t believe in hidden surprises. Our top goal is always to provide the best customer service experience possible, and it shows in our ratings and reviews. Contact us today to schedule your regular A/C maintenance!

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