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Fitting Your Air Conditioning Needs

If you choose an air conditioning unit that isn't sufficient for your needs or one that provides more than you need, then you are going to end up paying more. An air conditioning system that is too small will have to run overtime to meet the demands placed upon it. Over time, that will put more wear and tear on it, increasing the risk of unnecessary repair calls and reducing its overall life cycle. If you get a system that is too large, it will cost more than it needs to in order to run. Only an experienced service like 1st Choice can guide you about the best systems to invest in to cover all requirements.

Expert A/C Installation

An air conditioning system can only work as well as it is suited for the demands put upon it and its installation. Our technicians will ensure that you get the correct system for your needs and that it is installed to the manufacturer’s specifications. We promise a seamless experience from start to finish!

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Cutting-Edge Technology

There are many different manufacturers and systems to choose from, so how do you know which is appropriate for your needs? You want to ensure that you get a system that is right for your needs, but not one that is too large or costs way more to operate than necessary. Only an expert A/C replacement company like 1st Choice can provide you with the advice and information you need to make the wisest choice possible.

Havc-services in Charleston

New construction requires a lot of revolving pieces to get things right. At the heart of a new home's comfort level and energy costs is the HVAC system. Due to the weather in Charleston, the air conditioning system you choose is critical, which is why you not only need an A/C installation company that provides expert installation; you need an industry expert to ensure that you have the right system for your home’s needs.

A/C Compfort in Charleston

On Time and On Budget

We understand that being without air conditioning is a nightmare in the Charleston area. When you hire us for an A/C replacement, we do all that we can to stay on schedule and limit downtime for you and your family. We also provide you with an estimate in writing for the total cost, so there are no unpleasant surprises when the bill comes due.

A/C Replacement

Air conditioning technology and energy efficiency have come a long way over the past decade. If your air conditioner is reaching the end of its lifespan, an air conditioning repair might be nothing more than an expensive band-aid. No one wants to invest in a new air conditioning system, but when it is time, being proactive will save you money in the long run!

A/C Replacement in Charleston

Providing Cutting-Edge Technology

Your monthly energy costs will be determined heavily by the home systems that you use. We offer the most energy-efficient and cutting-edge manufacturers in the A/C industry. We also have specific training to ensure that we install your air conditioning system according to the manufacturer's specifications. After all, your air conditioning system can only run as well as it is installed, so make sure to hire experts in A/C installation like us! Contact us today for your new home A/C installation in Charleston!

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