The Many Advantages of a Tankless Water Heater

With gas prices once again on the rise, things might start to get a little more expensive. In any event, it is always a good idea to do what you can to save money. A tankless water heater is an excellent way to cut back on your monthly expenses, but that’s just one of many advantages of owning a tankless water heater in Mt. Pleasant, SC. The money that you invest upfront will be made up for in energy savings costs, along with these other amazing benefits!

Green as You Go!

Things have come a long way over the past couple of years in terms of going green. From electric lawn mowers to cars, doing your part for the environment is not only easy; it is becoming much more economical. A tankless water heater won’t keep the water sitting around being heated all day long, which uses gas or electricity. This means fewer emissions. Reduce your carbon footprint and do a favor for future generations by switching over to a better system!

Endless Hot Water

One thing that can put a crimp in your day is running out of hot water before you are done with your shower. Never be left with soapy eyes again! A hot water heater heats continuously for as long as you need it without ever going dry. If you have a large family, that will be a huge relief. Also, if you have been suffering from a dated water heater, then you know how miserable it can be to try to race to be the first to hit the showers!

Cleaner Water

A water heater works with a reservoir tank that holds a maximum capacity that just sits heated for days, weeks, even years! The sediment at the bottom of the water tank doesn’t just sit – it gets circulated when the water hits the bottom. And – you guessed it – all that sediment that has been sitting eventually makes its way to your shower and your pot for boiling a hot cup of tea. Never fear fungal or bacterial growth. With a tankless water heater, those issues are a thing of the past!


A hot water tank takes up some significant real estate in your home. By switching over to a tankless system, you can reclaim that room for other things, like shelving units to keep your things – or even consider redoing your basement to make it a functional space. What a win-win!

If you are looking to save money, be green, and have a healthier water supply, then switching to a tankless water heater is the way to go! At 1st Choice, we are your go-to to install a tankless water heater in Mt. Pleasant today. What are you waiting for? Schedule your appointment and start saving now!

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Amanda Bunting Comen

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