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Due to the nature of our region, air conditioning units tend to take a lot of abuse during the hot summer months. Running your air conditioning at full capacity can lead to excessive wear and tear if not properly maintained. At 1st Choice A/C, Heating, Plumbing & Gas, we offer the very best in air conditioning maintenance, repair, and installation.

Our mission is to keep your air conditioning system in top shape throughout the year to reduce the risk of needing a repair, and also to help increase your system’s longevity.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

The key to keeping your system up and running is regular maintenance. Although it’s often forgotten, maintaining your air conditioning system will reduce energy costs and the risk of needing to have your HVAC repaired.

Our maintenance specialists not only know how to ensure that your system is working correctly; we also check for signs of trouble before they become troublesome. It is always better to be proactive than to wait until something breaks. The small cost of air conditioning maintenance is far less expensive than paying for a costly repair - or worse, an entirely new system.

Air Conditioning Repair

When you need an air conditioning repair service, you want someone you can trust to find the most cost-effective and lasting solutions. Our team of highly trained and experienced technicians are experts at evaluating air conditioning systems and thinking outside the box to fix any problem that you have.

Where other air conditioning repair companies throw their hands up, we dig in. If your air conditioning unit is repairable, we will find a way. Our mission is to keep costs low and provide the very highest quality air conditioning repair service in the area.

New Air Conditioning Installation

If you notice that your air conditioning is either reaching the end of its lifespan or has stopped working altogether, it might be time for a new air conditioning installation. We offer the most advanced systems in the industry to suit your individual needs.

1st Choice AC Team in Charleston

And since the model you choose can only work as well as the quality of the installation, we follow the manufacturers’ specifications exactly as outlined.

Because we are committed to always offering the very best in the HVAC industry, we never stop learning or searching for innovative and better ways to cool your home.

Our first job is to assess your needs and then give you the most expert advice about which system is best according to your budget and preferences. At 1st Choice A/C, Heating, Plumbing & Gas, customer satisfaction is number-one. Contact us today for an air conditioning maintenance, repair, or installation appointment.

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