Beat the Record Heat with 1st Choice AC in Mount Pleasant, SC

Depend on the Local Experts for Fast, Reliable AC Repair

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC – With July 2023 going down as the hottest month ever recorded worldwide since 1880, dependable AC service is a must. Don’t trust just any company to get your system up and running again quickly. For fast, expert AC repair during this extreme heatwave, choose 1st Choice AC, Heating, Plumbing, and Gas.

As the most experienced HVAC company in the Mount Pleasant area, 1st Choice AC has the technical know-how, parts inventory, and availability to diagnose and fix any AC issue promptly. No matter the problem – from refrigerant leaks to frozen coils – our team has seen it all and will have your home comfortably cool again in no time.

What sets 1st Choice AC apart during record heat emergencies?

  • Highly trained, licensed AC technicians
  • Large fleet to handle many calls per day
  • Guaranteed repairs – we won’t leave until you’re satisfied
  • Priority appointment for service plan members
  • Mount Pleasant’s 1st Choice for fast and reliable service

Don’t put your family’s health at risk in extreme temperatures. As a trusted local company, 1st Choice AC wants to help all of our neighbors stay cool and comfortable. Connect with us today for a tune-up or repair!

Tips to Stay Cool During Extreme Heat

Inside Your Home

  • Set the thermostat to 78°F – any lower strains your AC
  • Clear vents of obstructions and vacuum filters
  • Install blackout curtains to keep heat out
  • Use smart vents to optimize air circulation
  • Turn off unnecessary lights and appliances

Outside Your Home

  • Check that condenser coils are clean and clear of debris
  • Hose down the condenser unit to help maintain function
  • Make sure nothing blocks airflow around the exterior unit
  • Trim back bushes/branches touching the condenser
  • Seal any air leaks around vents and windows


Call (843) 518-1479 now for prompt AC service in Mount Pleasant and surrounding areas. Defeat the heat wave with 1st Choice AC!


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