Resolving to Cut Energy Costs in 2022? Try These Energy-Saving Tips

As we collectively say farewell to 2021, people everywhere are resolving to cut costs in the year ahead. The best way to cut your monthly budget is to conserve energy. These are some simple tips from the best HVAC Charleston, SC company – 1st Choice A/C, Heating, Plumbing & Gas. We are committed to helping our customers by providing advice that helps!

Use Your Programmable Thermostat Correctly

If you have an upgraded thermostat, there is a good chance that you can program it so that it accommodates when you are around and when you aren’t. Also, if you set it correctly, you can have the temperature dip lower at night while you sleep, then heat back up so that things are comfortable when you have to get out of bed. Although it’s not a huge savings, all the little things add up to some substantial cuts in your energy costs.

Window Coverings Aren’t Just for Aesthetics!

Using your window coverings appropriately by opening them wide while the sun is shining and then closing them at dusk will help to let radiant heat from the sun in, and block the cold. When you leave for the day, open up the shades, and then close them when you retire to bed.

Change Your Air Filters

Air filters help prevent fine particles, dirt, and debris from getting into your ductwork. However, they only work when you change them regularly. If you allow dirt to build up on your air filters, it reduces its effectiveness in enhancing indoor air quality, and your HVAC system has to work harder to push air. Working overtime will not only put additional wear and tear on your units; it will increase your energy costs. Filters should be changed about every 30 days to get the most energy efficiency from your HVAC system.

Set Your Temperature Just Two Degrees Lower

According to the Department of Energy, you can save 2% off of your energy costs by turning your temperature down just two degrees in an 8-hour cycle. If you turn it back ten degrees, the savings would be 10%. Depending on what your energy costs are, that is a significant savings when you add it up annually!

Weatherstrip Windows and Doors

If you have an older home, then your windows and doors might be leaking in cold air. Weatherstripping is very inexpensive and can save you a lot if you tackle all those places where air might be escaping or coming in. That will save you during the winter, as well as help cut costs during the summer.

Remove Any Objects From Air Vents

Your air vents supply both heating and cooling to your home, but they can’t if the registers are covered. Check each room and make sure that there isn’t anything blocking the air vents. While doing that, close registers in rooms that aren’t used frequently. It makes no sense to heat and cool a room where no one is staying!

Regular Maintenance

The key to reducing the need for an HVAC repair while increasing your energy efficiency is to make sure that the HVAC system is in proper working order. Regular maintenance is a way to keep your furnace clean, look for signs that trouble might be brewing, and keep it clean so that it can perform optimally. If you haven’t had your furnace maintained in a while, a call to the best HVAC Charleston company is definitely in order!

As we head into 2022, many of us will commit to improving things about ourselves. If cutting your monthly budget and saving money are your New Year’s resolutions, then try these cost-cutting energy tips. Schedule your HVAC maintenance now with our best HVAC Charleston, SC company to ensure that your system is in perfect working order today!

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