With Fall Approaching, Now’s the Best Time to Install a Lantern To Light the Way

As we say a fond farewell to the summer of 2022, the kids are all back in school and fall is quickly approaching. With fall comes cooler weather – and more importantly, less sunlight. Pretty soon, things are going to be dark in the morning and dark when you are returning. Why not take this time to install a gas lantern to welcome you, trick-or-treaters, and holiday guests with a friendly glow? Gas lanterns in Charleston, SC are a perfect fit – so why not fit your home for one now?

Welcoming Light

When it comes to different types of lighting to showcase your home and welcome guests, security lighting can be off-putting and way too much. Gas lanterns have a soft glow that feels welcoming, even if it is not your home! Our gas lanterns are installed to burn bright while providing enough light from dusk to dawn.

Keep People Safe

With darkness coming earlier, it’s likely people will be outdoors without proper lighting. Gas lanterns are a great way to light up paths and entryways. They are also an ideal guide for friends, family, and passersby so that they can see where they are going and avoid falling. Lighted pathways don’t have to be beaming; just allowing a shadow is often enough to make it safely around the great outdoors.

Entertaining Outdoors Extended Through the Fall

As Halloween and the holidays approach, we are happy to be in a post-pandemic atmosphere where we can gather with friends and family again. Make the return to entertainment amazing by lighting up your outdoor areas. When you place gas lanterns strategically, they provide just enough light to create a whimsical feeling and to extend the time you can spend outside to enjoy the best of the fall weather.

Enhance Your Curbside Appeal

The thing that people love most about Charleston is its rich history and tradition. There was a time when the streets and houses were lit only by lanterns. Although that is no longer the case, a gas lantern still provides a stately and traditional look that you simply can’t get with other types of outdoor lighting. Whether your home is custom-built, older, or newly renovated, a gas lantern can add a touch of class that makes your curbside so much more alluring!

It’s the time of year that kids head back to school and the routine is once again set in place. Soon it will be dark as you start your day, and likely dark as you come home again. Having a gas lantern to light the way and welcome you and your holiday guests is an excellent way to spruce up your home, provide entertaining space throughout the fall, and keep passersby safe while making their way around after dusk. At 1st Choice, we offer several different styles of gas lanterns and their installation. Contact us today before time gets away from you and the holidays are here!

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Amanda Bunting Comen

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