Be Ready to Light the Way for Trick-or-Treaters by Installing a Gas Lantern

As the cold weather makes its way to the Charleston area and the leaves change, many of us have hopes that this year will mark the return of a joyous Halloween season. Many of the festivities that we love so much were canceled for the past year due to COVID. But as we return to pre-pandemic conditions, a healthy trick-or-treating session will be enough to get us back on track for a beautiful holiday season ahead. If you are looking to brighten your welcome for both costumed children and holiday guests to come, hire a company to install gas lanterns in Charleston, SC to add some old-world charm to your entryway.

Why a Gas Lantern?

Charleston is such a beloved place and tourist favorite because of its old-world charm and commitment to preservation. From cobblestone streets to original architecture, the beauty is in the details. If you would like to give your home a little extra upgrade that will both make it appear more stately and be highly functional, adding a gas lantern to your front porch or your entryway gate is an awesome way to enhance your curb appeal.

What is a Gas Lantern?

When Charleston was first founded, the citizens didn’t have electricity and they relied heavily on candlelight. Marking the streets and many homes in the historical district, gas lanterns were an excellent way to keep the city streets lit up. Now, electricity lights our homes and most of the streetlights around the city and beyond. But there is still a desire to preserve the old traditional look of Charleston, so many homes and establishments continue to use gas lanterns as an alternative. Gas lanterns are lights that use fuel to burn kerosene, white gas, and propane. The heating of the mantles produces light that mimics candlelight.

How Do You Install a Gas Lantern?

The maintenance of a gas lantern is extremely efficient, but you do first have to install the gas pipe to supply fuel to it. Because gas is a highly volatile and combustible fuel, adding a gas pipe is not a do-it-yourself project. Things like making sure that there are no leaks when building the line, having the proper tools to bury the line safely, and knowing all the necessary safety precautions are essential parts of installing a gas lantern. So hiring a professional company to install a gas lantern in Charleston, SC is critical to ensure that it looks good and to keep everyone safe.

At 1st Choice A/C, Heating, Plumbing, & Gas, we have the industry knowledge and expertise to safely install your gas lantern to greet both trick-or-treaters and guests alike. And once we install them, we provide our customers with a maintenance program that ensures that their lanterns will burn bright for years to come. Contact us today to discuss how we can bring a little old-world ambiance to your curbside for increased architectural appeal.

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