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Nothing adds more ambiance and warmth than a burning fire. On a cold day, sitting in front of the fire with your feet up, enjoying time with loved ones around a warm hearth, is one of the coziest feelings on earth.

But there is nothing cozy about having to brave the cold outdoors to continually keep the fire going or the expense of stocking wood to last for the long cold months.

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Excellent way to get all the advantages

All the Advantages of Wood-Burning Without all the Hassles and Expense

Gas logs are an excellent way to get all the advantages of a wood-burning fireplace without the hassles and expense. You don’t have to worry about creosote chalking your chimney, increasing your risk of a home fire, cleaning out ash daily, or having the odor cloud the room. And the best part about them is that they are virtually indistinguishable from a real wood-burning fireplace.

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They Are More Eco-Friendly

Gas logs are not only safer than traditional wood-burning fireplaces; they are also better for the environment. Burning wood produces far more emissions than using propane or natural gas logs. When you burn wood, it releases carbon dioxide, coal, and oil to conduct the same amount of heat.

So if you want to reduce your carbon footprint, gas logs are a great place to start. The pollutants released when you burn wood can signal allergen triggers that can increase the symptoms of asthma and other health conditions.

They Come in Various Options and Are Just A Simpler and Better Alternative

Over the past decade, options available for gas logs have become much more realistic and mimic wood-burning with much finer detail. At 1st Choice, we offer a variety of different types of gas logs to suit your preferences. .

And if you need one more reason to convert your wood-burning fireplace to gas logs, it is just easier! No more hassles lighting a flame - simply flip the switch, and you are ready for a night of creating memories with loved ones enjoying time in front of a beautiful fire

We Also Maintain Them to Keep Them Burning Brightly

The key to your gas logs looking great year after year is maintenance. But taking them out to clean can be a messy and complicated job. We offer gas log-cleaning to keep them looking like new.

And should you ever have a problem and need to have them repaired or replaced, we can handle that, too. If you are ready to convert your wood-burning stove to a better alternative, contact us today for pricing!

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