Give Yourself the Gift of Energy Efficiency by Upgrading to Tankless This Holiday Season

If you are like most of us, the holiday season seems to be creeping up on you. You work so hard all year long to take care of everyone else, but what about you? This holiday season, do something that will not only make your life easier; it will save you money. A tankless water heater is a perfect upgrade for the holiday. You’ll never have a cold shower again, and you’ll always have fresh and clean water! Instead of calling for a water heater repair in Charleston – upgrade now!

Cost Savings

According to the US Department of Energy, households that upgrade to a tankless water heater save an average of about $110 per household. Although that might not seem all that significant, over time, what you save continues to add up. Although it is an investment upfront, it will pay for itself in reduced energy bills annually.

Fresh and Clean Water

Traditional water tanks work by holding water in a tank and continually heating it so it is ready for use when you need it. That tank, however, can become riddled with sediment, metals, and other toxins. All that gunk that accumulates in the bottom of the tank will seep into your water supply. When you have a tankless water heater, the water comes through the system and is instantly heated. It doesn’t sit in a filthy tank; instead, it flows freely. So switching to tankless means that you are also doing something to make your home and family healthier.

Never Take a Cold Shower Again

If you have a traditional water heater tank, when it empties completely, that is it for the hot water. If you have four people in the house who are all showering at the same time, the third and fourth people are likely to get the very last of the hot water – or none at all. Don’t ever stand in the shower with soap in your eyes and cold water streaming down. A tankless water heater will supply all of the hot water you need, whether you have ten people showering or two.


Tired of having very little space in the basement for storage due to a huge water heater? Ditch the hot water tank and go tankless, and you’ll gain most of your basement back. Tankless water heaters are compact, so they take up very little space. Also, they can be installed pretty much anywhere you want.

You do so much for everyone else all year long, don’t forget to treat yourself this holiday season. Instead of calling for water heater repair in Charleston – upgrade! Trading in your water heater for a tankless version will provide many benefits, including saving energy in the new year and going green. If you are ready to ditch the tank, the limited hot water, and the metals and toxins that are likely getting into your water supply, contact us today to discuss how much it would cost to upgrade for the holidays.

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Amanda Bunting Comen

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