Putting the Fireplace Away For the Summer? Get the Logs Repaired!

It is hard to believe that not only is the new year in full swing but that spring has arrived! Although the nights still dip into colder temperatures, we will need air conditioning on all day and night soon! Before you retire your fireplace for the long summer months, now is an excellent time to have someone evaluate your gas logs to ensure that they will be ready to go when the fall chill hits the air. But don’t just Google “gas log repair near me” and choose at will – call 1st Choice, and be assured they are maintained properly!

Seven Required Maintenance Musts for Gas Logs

Inspect the Exterior

Gas logs have to be lined up and mounted properly to ensure that there isn’t any gas leaking into your home. Any cracks in the framework can put your family in danger of carbon monoxide poisoning. Gas is also highly flammable and combustible, so making sure there aren’t any leaks is imperative for everyone’s safety.

Check the Glass Surround For Cracks

The glass surrounding the firebox should also be regularly checked for cracks. First, the technician will clean the glass surface. Next, they will look for loose glass panes or loose glass on the doors. If there are any leaks in the glass, it will draw air out of your home, which will make your HVAC system work harder than it should.

Inspect the Logs

Gas logs can start to deteriorate as they age. If you notice that the color is fading, that can indicate that they are starting to break down. If they are not in good shape, you can just swap out the ones that need to be replaced instead of replacing the entire thing.

Check the Ignitor

The technician will test the gas igniter to make sure that it lights properly. After they turn off the gas supply, they will clean the ports and valves underneath the logs by rubbing them gently with steel wool or sandpaper. Then they will inspect for gas leaks by brushing on water concentrated with liquid soap and see if any bubbles form.

Vacuum the Fireplace Out

Fireplaces with gas logs tend to attract dust and dirt that need to be cleaned out. Vacuuming things out will restore your fireplace to like-new condition.

Check Your Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide is dangerous and can be fatal if not detected. Your carbon monoxide detectors should be tested regularly to make sure they are in working order. When you have your gas logs maintained, it is an excellent time to check both the carbon monoxide and fire detectors around the house.

Inspect the Chimney

While maintaining the gas logs, the technician will take a look up the chimney to spot any problems with the interior walls and the structure of the chimney itself. Things like damp spot stains or white patches can signal that your chimney is deteriorating and needs to be inspected.

Things in Charleston are about to heat up! Before you put the fireplace away for the season, Google “gas logs near me” and call 1st Choice A/C, Heating, Plumbing & Gas to schedule gas log maintenance to ensure that your logs will be ready to go when the fall chill rushes in. Make your appointment today!

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