Make Your Home Look More Stately By Installing Gas Lanterns

One of the biggest draws of living in the Charleston area is the city’s historical sites. The amazing architecture is second only to the preservation of things like cobblestone streets and wrap-around porches. Whether you live in a historic home or a newer one that you want to look more elegant, a gas lantern is a perfect touch to make your home look more traditional. But Charleston gas lanterns do have to be maintained, which can be a hassle.

What are Gas Lanterns?

Gas lighting looks like a lantern that has a flame but it is really a light that uses fuel – typically using propane, butane, or natural gas to produce an artificial lit-flame appearance. In the days before electricity, people used lanterns outdoors to light streets and houses after dark. Gas lanterns were very popular in large cities like Charleston. Early on, lanterns had to be lit manually, but nowadays most are self-igniting. In areas like Charleston, they are a great way to enhance the nostalgia of tradition and old-world Southern charm.

Who Uses Gas Lanterns?

Historically, larger cities and municipalities used gas lanterns to light up streets and sidewalks, but with the introduction of electricity, most of the gas lanterns were quickly replaced due to maintenance and economics. Today in some markets, like Charleston, they are an upgrade that many choose to give their home a more traditional and historic look, and they are usually maintained by either the homeowner or a service.

What Do They Require?

The reason that gas lanterns are a luxury in many places is that they require a gas line installation to feed the lantern automatically. That involves drilling a hole, fishing a gas line, and ensuring it is done properly. A leaking gas line is incredibly dangerous, and since most of the line is underground, it is essential for everyone’s safety to check periodically to ensure that the line is intact and not leaking. Gas is highly combustible and if it leaks, it can lead to an explosion.

Placement and Maintenance

At First Choice, we specialize in Charleston gas lanterns. Our team of professionals understands the importance of making sure that the gas line is run properly and that there are no issues or leaks. We also specialize in maintenance to keep your gas lantern burning bright all year long. Not only do you need to make sure that your gas line is working properly; you also want to ensure that your lantern self-ignites as it should, which requires regular maintenance to keep it in good working order.

Our mission is to take one thing off of your already busy to-do list so that you can rest assured, knowing that we are lighting the way for your guests and family while making your home look grand. Contact us today to learn how a gas lantern can make your home look as it would have centuries ago!

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