Are You Asking Santa to Bring You a Fireplace for the Holidays?

It is hard to believe that we are already heading into the holiday season! As your little ones make their list for Santa, have you thought about what you would like him to bring you this year? If you have always wanted a gas fireplace, now is an excellent time to Google “gas line installation near me” and get a head start on it. If you act now, you can hang your stockings on the mantel. These are five reasons that this year is a perfect one to pull the fireplace trigger.

Rising Cost of Living

If you’ve been grocery shopping lately, it’s easy to recognize that prices are on the rise. With gas prices going up, so does the cost of everything else – including energy. This year, cut back on needing to have your furnace kick on throughout the day by using a gas fireplace to heat your space. That way, you can start a fire and set the thermostat lower in rooms that aren’t being used!


Nothing brings a family together more than a fireplace. Who doesn’t want to snuggle in when the temperatures dip? If you are having a hard time getting everyone to connect, light a fire, pop some popcorn, and pick a movie. The best memories are created around a roaring flame. Make the holidays a time of reconnecting and cherishing time together!

No Need for Wood

Although some people will always prefer the crackling of wood, let’s face it: there is nothing convenient about stacking it, going outside to get it, or cleaning out fireplace ashes. A gas fireplace is an excellent way to get all the benefits you love about a flame without all the hassles. All you have to do is flick a switch and voila!

They’ve Become Cheaper

Gas fireplaces have become considerably more affordable over the past several years. Where once they were a luxury or something that required tearing down walls and putting up chimneys, ventless gas fireplaces can be installed with minimal to no construction required. For most, all you have to do is run a gas line and secure it.

Highly Versatile

Not only have fireplaces become affordable; they come in just about every shape and style you can imagine. Whether you want a floating glass look or a traditional mantle, you can find a perfect fireplace to cozy up to. Many new manufacturers and brands are creating some unique fireplace looks that will match any look you want!

As we head into the holidays and children begin to make their Christmas lists, if you have always wished you had a fireplace, now is the perfect time to Google “gas line installation near me” and make a call. If you act in time, you will have a place to hang your stockings for Old Saint Nick! Contact 1st Choice to schedule your installation today!

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Amanda Bunting Comen

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