Qualities to Look for in Your Charleston HVAC Company

Your HVAC is one of the most critical things in your home or office in both investment and comfort. When you have a heating or cooling issue, it can lead to needing an expensive repair – or sometimes, an entirely new system. But since it is such a considerable investment, it is important to hire the right HVAC – not just to repair your system, but to maintain it to begin with. Looking for specific qualities from the outset is the way to find the best HVAC Charleston, SC company possible.

Experience and Training

HVAC is an exact science, so it is important to find a company with the proper experience and training to handle any HVAC system issue you might have. Look for a company that has both the right credentials and affiliations so that you can rest assured that they are doing things right. When you’re hiring someone, make sure that they have the proper knowledge of your manufacturer and that they follow the manufacturer’s specifications exactly as outlined.

Reputation and Reviews

Even in the age of the internet, word of mouth means a lot. Before you hire an HVAC company, make sure to take the time to do some investigating. Online reviews are as good as a referral! Research what other customers’ experiences are with the company you choose. Often, someone will be more than happy to write about their positive experience. And if someone has had a less than good experience, they may also want to share.


Most home and business owners have to be cost-conscious when it comes to things like their heating and cooling, but it is never good to hire anyone based on cost alone. There is usually a reason someone hugely discounts their service, and that reason is typically not good. You don’t want to find out the hard way why someone was so cheap, especially when it comes to your heating and cooling. Take cost into consideration, but make sure that it is just one factor you use when hiring someone.

License and Insurance

Before anyone does work in your home, it is important to make sure they have the proper license and insurance. If something should go wrong, you’ll want to know that a company has the resources to make it right. If they don’t, then it can befall the home or business owner to pay to clean up the situation. It is not only okay to ask for proof; it is a good practice!


When your heating or cooling isn’t working, you don’t want to be sitting waiting just to get someone to even call you back. If you can’t get someone on the line to answer your call or they drop the ball, then they are probably not going to be quick about helping or on time when you really need them. We all get busy, but as a customer, it is important to know that you are a priority, not just another number.

At 1st Choice A/C, Heating, Plumbing, & Gas, we take your heating and cooling issues very seriously. We are also experts in the HVAC industry and have the proper training, licensure, and a reputation that you can trust. Our team of experts are among the best HVAC Charleston, SC professionals available. Contact us today to discuss how we can help solve your HVAC issue!

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