Why They’re Called Charleston Gas Lanterns and Why You Need One!

Anyone who has ever been to Charleston knows that there is a traditional look that carries over throughout the city that you can’t find anywhere else. It isn’t just that Charleston is one of the oldest cities in the nation; it is more about the pride and preservation efforts that Charlestonians take so seriously. If you want to take the past, (re)invent it, and make all things old new again, then Charleston gas lanterns are a great investment for these and many other reasons.

They Mimic History

The reason gas lanterns are so highly coveted in Charleston and throughout the nation is that there was a time when they were all that lit the streets. When our country was first becoming a nation, the streets were lined with lanterns that people would light and extinguish from dusk to dawn. Sure, that seems to us to be a lot of wasted time, but think back to those people who were responsible for starting the day and putting it to rest. Lanterns have always and will always be there to light the way, no matter what Mother Nature sends our way!

They are Economical

With the cost of living soaring, everyone is looking for a way to lower their monthly energy costs. Sure, lighting your pathway isn’t taking from the kids’ college fund, but when you stop to look at it, every little bit counts, including those things that we don’t think about much. Gas lanterns stay lit for the long term and don’t cost a lot in the grand scheme of things, so you can’t get much cheaper than that!

They are Low-Maintenance

Lightbulbs and exterior lights are great, but they need to be maintained. Although LED lights last a lot longer than they did before, they do need to be changed and occasionally maintained as well. Gas lanterns are lit by propane and burn until they can burn no more. If you hook them up to the natural supply of the gas line in your home, then you never have to worry about a light bulb burning out. What better comfort do you have than knowing that the light will always be guiding your way home?

There’s Nothing Like Them

When it comes to traditional Southern charm, there is nothing like the look of a real fire burning. The reason that we love Charleston and its history is because it reminds us of simpler times and the pride that we have as Americans. Lighting your home up with Charleston lanterns is about as American as you can get – as much as apple pie and Chevrolet, but way older and more iconic!

Exterior lighting is a must – not just to light the way for guests, but also to stop unwanted visitors. There is a reason Charleston gas lanterns are so beloved. It is because they remind us of a simpler time, they are economical, and they require very little maintenance, but they provide so much beauty. If you want to completely transform your home and make it as welcoming and stately as possible, contact 1st Choice today and have Charleston gas lanterns installed to beautify your home!

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Amanda Bunting Comen

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