Water Heater on the Fritz – Repair or Upgrade to Tankless?

When your water heater is on the fritz, it is time to call a company for water heater repair in Charleston, SC, but before you dial, consider whether repairing or replacing it is the wiser choice. Tankless water heaters offer a ton of advantages over traditional water heaters, but are they for you? These are just some of the benefits you will enjoy if you rip off the bandage and replace it, rather than just fixing it!

Endless Hot Water

As anyone who has ever been in the shower when the hot water runs out can attest, a cold shower is never fun. If your hot water heater is having a hard time keeping up with the demands of your busy family life, then upgrading to a tankless water heater is the way to go. A tankless version will supply as much hot water as you want without ever running out. Say goodbye to cold showers forever with a tankless version!

Cleaner Water

A traditional hot water heater has a tank that holds a specific amount of water that is continuously heated. Over time, the tank will collect sediment; when heating, it can become a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. By updating to a tankless water heater, you will get hot water that comes straight from the tap without sitting for a long time collecting dirt and debris. The water from a tankless water heater is fresher, without all the impurities that can collect in a tanked version.

Energy Efficiency

A traditional tank water heater is heated around the clock so that it is hot and ready when you want to use it. That’s great in terms of having hot water, but that is a whole lot of wasted energy used to keep the water in the tank reserved. A tankless hot water heater only uses energy to heat the water when you need it. That means lower energy costs throughout the year. Although upgrading will cost at the outset, the money you will save monthly will add up really quickly and pay off your investment.

Your Carbon Footprint

We should all do our part to limit our carbon footprint. By using less energy by not heating a traditional water heater, you can significantly reduce your impact on the environment. When it comes to our earth, every little bit helps. So a tankless water heater is your best way to be eco-friendly and energy-efficient at the same time!

If your water tank isn’t cutting it, you can call a company for water heater repair in Charleston, SC to fix it. But your better option might be to upgrade to a tankless version and reap all the benefits that come from replacing your traditional water heater. At 1st Choice, we install the latest and greatest tankless water heaters in the industry to save you energy, provide cleaner water, and make you more eco-conscious. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to upgrade to a tankless version!

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Amanda Bunting Comen

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