What is Your Furnace Trying to Tell You?

Your furnace can’t talk to you or tell you specifically what is wrong, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t trying to tell you something. Specific issues might signal your furnace is headed for a breakdown. And as any smart homeowner knows, it is always better to be proactive than to act after the fact to clean a situation up. Look for these signs that you might need to call a company for furnace repair in Mt. Pleasant, SC!

Abnormal Odors

When you fire your furnace up for the first time in the fall, it might have a little bit of odor that should subside quickly. But if the smell is around the unit itself or the odor doesn’t go away, that might signal that you have a problem. Odors coming from a furnace can have a variety of causes, but they almost always require a professional to take a look to prevent more damage.

It Doesn’t Start

An older furnace might have a harder time firing up than one that is newer, but if you have to restart it over and again or you can’t get it to start at all, that is a huge red flag that it is time to call someone to take a look! Although the likely culprit is often a wiring issue or a damaged thermostat, having a professional evaluate it is warranted.

Your Pilot Light is Discolored

Your pilot light should always appear blue. If it isn’t, then that may indicate that you have a ventilation problem. A pilot light of a different color, especially yellow, is a dangerous sign that you might have carbon monoxide leaking from your furnace. Carbon monoxide is an odorless and colorless gas, but it is toxic and should be addressed immediately!

Not Heating Correctly

One of the most common signs that your furnace needs repair is inadequate heat. If your furnace can’t seem to keep up with the demands, then something is not working properly. Sometimes it can stem from a thermostat issue or leaking ductwork, but whatever the cause is, it needs to be fixed by an HVAC professional.

Strange Noises

Sometimes your furnace might make noises when it is firing up, but if you hear loud or unusual noises coming from your furnace, don’t ignore them! Squealing or whistling noises typically mean that there is an issue with a belt or fan. In either case, you need to fix what is rubbing before it rubs your entire system out!

Your Carbon Monoxide Detector Goes Off

If your carbon monoxide goes off, it is critical to investigate and your first suspect should be your furnace. If you hear the alarm sound, do not ignore it! Call a professional immediately to evaluate!

Your heater might not be able to talk to you directly, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t sending you signals that it needs help. If you listen closely and pay attention, you might just be able to catch the need to call a company for furnace repair in Mt. Pleasant, SC before the damage is extensive and costly. Since prevention is always the best way to go, contact us today and schedule your maintenance appointment.

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