Is Your Air Conditioning Not Cutting it? Why a Mini-Split Might Be the Answer

As we quickly head into spring, summer is not far away. It is amazing how fast we have to turn our heater to air conditioning in South Carolina! Once the hot weather hits, it HITS. If you find that your air conditioning simply isn’t cutting it this spring, it will be even worse throughout the brutally hot summer. These are four reasons that a mini-split might be your answer to cooling things down from our HVAC installation services Charleston, SC experts.

Varied Temperatures from Room to Room

If you find that no matter what your thermostat is set to, there are always areas in your home that are warmer than others, that means that your air conditioning isn’t cutting it. A mini-split is a separate unit that you can add to rooms where your air conditioning is not reaching. It is also a great way to only use energy to cool those rooms when you are using them, instead of setting the thermostat lower throughout your home and hoping that it will get where you want it to.

Your Air Conditioning is ON All the Time

If you never hear your air conditioning shut off, then it is working overtime! This means your energy costs are probably on the rise, and constant running is putting needless wear and tear on your existing unit. By adding a mini-split to rooms that are secluded or away from the main areas of your home, you can let them cool only where you need them to. This means you can set your air conditioning a little higher and not worry about the temperature change!

You Recently Added Square Footage

Air conditioners are designed to cool by square footage. If you recently added to your home and you find that your air conditioner isn’t cooling things off, then you might want to consider adding a mini-split to the additional space. Instead of upgrading your entire home, you can just add a mini-split to the section you added, and it will be more efficient and less expensive – two definite wins!

You Want to Add Space

If you are going to add more space, then you’ll want to consider how well your existing system is going to work. Instead of worrying about how to fit ductwork into your addition, consider a mini-split. They are ductless systems, so they can be added anywhere. You also won’t have to find the space needed or ways to tap into your existing ductwork, which will likely disperse the cold air and lead to your system not being enough.

As we head into spring, the hot weather is quickly approaching. If you find that your air conditioning just isn’t getting the job done, instead of upgrading your newer unit, consider adding a mini-split to pick up the slack. If you want a more consistent temperature in your home and to lower energy costs monthly, then contact our HVAC services in Charleston, SC today to discuss what your options are and if a mini-split system might be your answer to staying cool!

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Amanda Bunting Comen

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